Fishing on Loch Ken

    From deep lochs to wide, fast flowing rivers, from coarse fishing to fly fishing, the Glenkens offer an extremely wide variety of fishing opportunities.

    The water is amongst the cleanest in Europe, and therefore rich in natural fish stock including pike, carp, perch and roach as well as the trout for which Scotland is world famous.

    No license is required to fish in Scotland, however, in most cases permits must be obtained to fish individual rivers and lochs.

    Loch Ken is best known for its pike fishing and it is an exceptionally productive water holding a great many pike in the 4 to 15lb class with a sprinkling in high double figures and the occasional twenty pounder.

    St.Johns Town of Dalry offers the angler a good choice including its own stocked Trout loch at Mossroddich for fly only fishing.

    Below are some picture's taken from a group of Fishermen we had staying with us in May 2011 and in August 2011.

    Richard's Catch  - 66lbChris's Catch -  63lb
     richards_catch_66lb.jpg chris_catch_63lb.jpg
     Jack's Catch -  28lb Josh's Catch - 58lb
     jacks_catch_28lb.jpg joshs_catch_58lb.jpg
     Mike's Catch - 86lb Pete's Catch  - 103lb
     mikes_catch_86lb.jpg petes_catch_103lb.jpg
     Tom's Catch - 46lb 
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